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This is Draft Version 0.1 (meaning it is the 0th version ready for print availability, 1st one I have posted for review).

In other words, download it (this is free), but do not order a printed copy yet. I still have work to do on the spells section at the end, I still have to add in artwork (which will aid in reducing some of the large amounts of white-space at the end of sections)... and so on.

This is just to show people I am, indeed, working on this.

It is just a painfully slow process. The RTF files of the SRD are not exactly designed to be "print friendly" and so getting all of this ready for printing has taken some time.

Open Office, as good as I thought I was in it, I am learning a lot of the cooler capabilities as I go. In fact, this would be done already had I known as much about OO_Writer at the start of this little experiment as I do now.

This is the "Player's Guide"; the "Game Master's Manual" will be next, assuming anyone likes the Player's Guide and wants me to continue. Then, I will tackle the "Monsterous Handbook."
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