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Default Re: Progress blog on new Ogre projects

Live and learn. The Munchkin Quest delay may have opened a hole in our print schedule, but since we were still working to get MQ out, we didn't have nearly as much time as we needed for Ogre. Especially since the print buying has been a challenge. We still think we'll deliver a very nice game at a price that won't require you to sell more than one of your organs. But Phil Reed has worked very hard to make it so, and it's not yet a done deal. And it will come out after MQ, not before.

Everyone who has been suggesting we contract FireHorse to do Ogre stuff: You can stop telling us. Because we did. He has been completely redoing the layout of Ogre Minis Lite. So much so that we now need to think about how to use the space he opened up. There may be a draft posted soon for comment.

I'm officially on vacation for the next month. I am still allowed to work on Ogre stuff, but I'm also allowed NOT to. So . . . some work will be done, but I have promised myself and others that I will not treat this as a deadline situation. I'm going to work in some actual R&R.

More as it happens.
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