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Default Re: Real-Life Weirdness

Originally Posted by Apache

I was there once, in 1988, with about 12 other guys.

Never thought I'd see a ref to it here on the boards.

And yeah....its definitely....odd.

Just feels weird.

Those articles brought back alot of memories.
I like that there's a little of just about everything thrown in at Palmyra... Lets tally it up and see...

18th century Sea Captains Premonition

Possible "Vanishing Island"

Middle of the Pacific Ocean (Ley Line??)

Hidden Coral Reef

Poisonous fish and lots of Sharks

Spanish Pirate ship with Buried Inca Treasure

Missing Ships from Whaler to Modern ships

Legal issues due to Ownership rights

Island littered with old WWII facilities/equipment (from Air strip to Ammo)

Possible UXO (UneXploded Ordinance) on the Island

Lost planes

Directional problem reports

Old Naval Salts proclaming a "Curse"

A Double murder with Criminal Hippie types

Skeletal remains, newpaper clippings as clues

Psychic Forboding Sense by Travellers passing thur

Synchronicity of events with past island Travellers

Charts that wash up close to past island Travellers

Island Travellers frightened off the island by Strange Hippie types

Castaway Island Travellers and storm damaged ships

Drifting Ships with dead crewman

Similar named Ships and Families involved

Psychic powers manifested by Travellers passing thur or dieing there

Thats 23 different hazards, events and situations all occuring on a less than 11KM Island in the most remote part of the Pacific Ocean...

Damned if there is'nt a Freaking GREAT adventure story line somewhere in all this...

(And for Apache... I've never been there but recently stumbled upon it wanting a nice quite US Pacific Island to disappear to if things get really bad... But I've come back to the story of Palmyra 3 times now in less than 6 months)

Guess I'm glad I live in the Rockys and I've never been to the Island...
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