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I play two player all the time with my girlfriend and we also had to come up with some house rules to make the game work properly.

We give each other 3 coins each that are used to get their help without being played against. You have to use your own cards only to win the battles when using a coin and you cannot use a coin to win the game.

As we found that the thief can be abnormally powerful in a two player game you can also use the coins as theft guards, an item with a coin on it cannot be taken through theft.

Also, things like Potion of Apathy can be used to negate the use of a coin as it would be useless otherwise.

We find that it works pretty well.

We also use a set of Percentile Dice on a level board to keep track of level. The position of one of the dice on the board for level and the numbers on the dice to represent total bonus; since my group is math deficient it helps to easily and quickly be able to say what your "combat level" is.
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