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trader + pink stamps (item, no value, allows you to take the top card from either discard pile) + valuable coupon (blender card, take upto 1000 gold worth of items from discard pile) + plot device.

the combo runs thusly -

1) plot device to take GUAL into hand,
2) exchange pink stamps for plot device,
3) use valuable coupon to grab 1000 gold worth of items from discard (plus all the 'no value' items, including pink stamps)
4) exchange a single piece of treasure you have just picked up for the valuable coupon (trader ability)
5) Use GUAL.
6) Exchange pink stamps for Gual.
7) Use trader ability to get back stamps
8) Use GUAL.
9) Rinse, and Repeat.

basicly, plot device can fish any card that has appeared in tha game into hand, and the pink stamps mean that after you use it, no matter what kind of card it is, you can get it back into hand. if someone buries it, using a discard, then you can use plot device to get it back *again*. Valuable coupon allows you to get pink stamps back whenever you want, and fuel it's use indefinately. I used all this to recycle the same GUAL over and over again, but you can do the same thing by selling treasures, you can recycle arms locker as much as you want, you can take every card from both discards into your hand if you feel like it (but beware the charity phase, hehe).

I went from level 2 to level 18 in a single turn, and then looked for trouble against 4 level 1 monsters (like i said, i had access to every wandering monster or monster card i wanted). even with "this one goes to 11!!" i was able to instant win.
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