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Default Consternation (Cambridge, U.K., August) Membership Rates

The membership rates for Consternation, the RPG convention to be held at New Hall, Cambridge, U.K., on August 12th-14th) will remain at the current level of 24 per head until Easter. Any pre-booked memberships arriving after Easter Monday (March 28th) will be at the new higher rate of 27.

Door prices will be slightly higher again, so there's very good reasons to book early.

Consternation, the latest in a long and successful series of BRS conventions mostly held at this same excellent venue, will feature Allen Varney, author of Paranoia XP and many other fine RPG products, as Guest of Honour, and Marcus L. Rowland, of Forgotten Futures fame, as U.K. Guest. For more details, see

Incidentally, this convention is running one week after the science fiction Worldcon, in Glasgow - so American gamer/fans flying over for that might like to take a trip down to this historic university town. On-site accommodation will be available at New Hall at very reasonable rates, after all.
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