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Default Re: Report To The Stakeholders

Originally Posted by Kromm
So as an "inside" stakeholder, I must admit that SJ's words made me happy overall.
What made me happy overall is knowing that the company is doing well. Revenues are up at a time when the industry as a whole is in decline, and the things which didn't go well are all internally-generated new things that didn't get off the ground rather than structural problems with the industry or big mistakes they made in their core business. They're operating well while maintaining their high quality and have some time to diversify their product line. The people who make my favorite games aren't going anywhere any time soon.

(And, yes, more selfishly, the number of e23 projects means a greater chance of my getting stuff into print, so I suppose there's that.)
I've been making pointlessly shiny things, and I've got some gaming-related stuff as well as 3d printing designs.

Buy my Warehouse 23 stuff, dammit!
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