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Default Re: Report To The Stakeholders

Originally Posted by Kromm
I'll miss having shiny books to point at and say, "Yeah, that's my line." On the other hand, I'm happy to have an RPG line to develop when so many other RPG lines have ceased to exist. If PDF is what it takes, then that's what it takes. And PDF actually means I get to write sometimes, which is cool all by itself. So as an "inside" stakeholder, I must admit that SJ's words made me happy overall.
Absolutely. It's good to see GURPS as a line continue to thrive and grow. And I'd rather see two good books than four mediocre ones. But if those two could somehow grow to four in '09 or '10, that would be wonderful. Like many others here, I much prefer physical books -- because of the convenience, because of the feel, and because I used to own a really crappy printer.

Since it seems to be Munchkin's profits that drive GURPS's development, may '08 be a banner year for killing monsters, stealing treasure and stabbing your buddy.
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