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Default Re: Updating GURPS IST

Originally Posted by knarf
Presumably, during the year 2000, all hell breaks loose. The Harvesters from GURPS Monsters are the closest official answer to what happened, but I'm not sure it has Mr. Shroeck's seal of approval.
At the moment, nothing regarding the Wall has Bob's official seal of approval. Or if it does, he hasn't told us.

I believe "what's responsible for the Wall?" may be a Canon Area of Doubt, left for individual GMs to answer in their own games.

Originally Posted by knarf
Here's my take:

All hell breaks loose in Y2K. millions, if not billions, of people are killed in a variety of cataclysmic ways. The ISTs realize that they do not have the level of resources needed to combat the threat. It's at this point that the Deep Pockets research (mentioned in the timeline) starts to pay off. Contact is quickly made with other, nearby timelines (which oddly enough have supers) and outworld heroes are quickly imported to help (In classic DC tradition).
If you're looking for alternate IST timelines, this thread on Bob's forums is about as official as we're going to get any time soon...
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