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Default Re: Updating GURPS IST

Originally Posted by LoneWolf23k
Now, the major historical point to handle would be 9/11 and the subsequent War on Terror.
What happened on 9/11 in the IST world?

Quoting from this thread:

Originally Posted by Robert M. Schroeck on his own forum
Good question. The roots of 9-11 appear to lie in the US presence in Saudi Arabia (home to Mecca, the holy city of Islam) post-Gulf War One. In the IST world, that war ran very, very differently. One of the differences is that there is no residual US presence in the Middle East from it -- which takes away al-Qaeda's number one issue. Al-Qaeda may still form and attack, though, if they take similar offense against the IST embassies in Islamic countries. It's something to think about. However, assuming I use my expanded timeline from my website, with the threat of a Chinese-backed WWIII looming, MidEast tensions may seem like small potatoes.
Considering what Bob said there about his setting, I have to think that most of the discussion in this thread might be moot. What happened in OTL doesn't really matter to IST.

(If you really want Bob's opinion on something, subscribe to his forum and ask. He reads it almost every weekday, and he's quite approachable...)
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