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Default Re: Updating GURPS IST

Originally Posted by LoneWolf23k

Now, the major historical point to handle would be 9/11 and the subsequent War on Terror. Since IST's U.N. has dealt with radical islamic groups more aggressively then in our world, no doubt the U.N. itself would be targeted by Al Qaeda, and 9/11 might well include an attack on the U.N. assembly building along with the World Trade Center.

As a result, the War on Terror would be a joint U.N. campaign to root out Islamic terrorism, rather then it being a U.S.-led effort (not that the Americans wouldn't be asking for a piece of the action). Since Iraq is already under U.N. allied control, there also wouldn't be an invasion, although the War on Terror might spill-over into the country nonetheless.
Or for an even bigger divergence, the ISTs could pre-empt the 9-11 attacks. A more aggressive stance on groups like Al-Qaeda combined with a couple of precognitives can do amazing things. At the very least, it could be the seed of an interesting campaign set circa 2000-2001 -- can the players Save the Day, knowing what the cost will likely be if they fail?

And of course, if the attacks do go through, does that then draw the attention of the Blue Demon? As if the firefighters and rescue crews didn't have enough to worry about ....
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