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Default Updating GURPS IST

Just got the GURPS IST pdf, and I'm loving it, although quite a bit of the timeline is now sorely outdated by now. Fortunetly, Robert M. Shroeck updated his timline through the 90s, but it could still use a bit more updating, into the 2000s.

Now, the major historical point to handle would be 9/11 and the subsequent War on Terror. Since IST's U.N. has dealt with radical islamic groups more aggressively then in our world, no doubt the U.N. itself would be targeted by Al Qaeda, and 9/11 might well include an attack on the U.N. assembly building along with the World Trade Center.

As a result, the War on Terror would be a joint U.N. campaign to root out Islamic terrorism, rather then it being a U.S.-led effort (not that the Americans wouldn't be asking for a piece of the action). Since Iraq is already under U.N. allied control, there also wouldn't be an invasion, although the War on Terror might spill-over into the country nonetheless.

Now, there are other possible divergences.. For starters, Katrina might not be so disastrous if IST New Orleans gets into action...
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