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There's no particular reason for this to be an unpleasant situation for the angel. Judgment can't be sending triads everywhere they might be useful, so a specially-empowered Seraph with a simulatory range of attunements is more resource-conservative. And an existence as a useful tool is probably quite fulfilling to a certain flavor of selfless angel. Finally, for an angel of Judgment, there is the added benefit that being an inanimate object is blessedly free of all those distracting glandular quirks that come with a Vessel patterned after the human template.

If the user isn't aware the Mini-Triad is a sentient being, that can be mildly off-putting at first but, should the need arise to break cover, it has communication devices with which to do so. If it is aware that the Mini-Triad is a sentient being, then naturally the Mini-Triad will expect to be treated with the respect due an assigned partner with a clear role to play. That's about the only worry the artifact would have regarding such matters, at least in a reasonably forward campaign where the angels would be volunteers or at least psychologically filtered before assignment.
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