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Default Mini-Triad

Seraph of Judgment
Living Artifact

Corporeal Forces: 1 Strength: 1 Agility: 3
Ethereal Forces: 3 Intelligence: 6 Precision: 6
Celestial Forces: 5 Will: 8 Perception: 12

Skills: Detect Lies/3

Attunements: Seraph of Judgment, Ofanite of Judgment, Malakite of Judgment

Songs: None to start with

A Mini-Triad ostensibly looks like a scanning device from a 1980s science fiction movie: it features a variety of flashing lights, cryptic LCD readouts, and an attached wand on a flexible plastic cord. It is usually enchanted to be Unbreakable, and sometimes to be Summonable; further enchantments are rarer. Mini-Triads actually do live up to the name: with a little training a user can detect Discord, dissonance, and deliberate falsehoods in others. Interestingly, the older models will have more features - or perhaps it is simply that the longer that one uses one, the more one learns to tease data out of the system. There is no manual for a Mini-Triad; mastery of its secondary functions is strictly a matter of experience. Most users soon discover that Mini-Triads can download their data to any standard computer system; fewer discover that their artifacts also have an internal radio transmitter.


No, the Host is not collectively that stupid: they're well aware that they're dealing with a Seraph of Judgment that has been bound into a vessel. They just don't like to think about it, much - or talk about it, at all. It helps that, as far as anyone knows, Dominic strictly encases volunteers into Mini-Triads (although in Darker campaigns this may not be as true; on the other hand, sullen tools are dangerous tools). It helps more that he eventually lets them out. And, of course, angels are often highly indifferent to service positions that humans would find unbearably onerous. Still, this sort of thing pushes the envelope of the average angel's comfort level, so they just... let it go.

Which is probably for the best, given that these items are specifically given out by Dominic himself - which means that anyone who has one is going to be under the personal (if not always obvious) attention of the Archangel of Judgment at least once a week. It's amazing how quickly missions involving Mini-Triads can get resolved...
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