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Default Re: Requesting Help Modelling an Unusual Ability

I'd treat them as a PC and seven Allies, and give all eight characters Mindlink with the other seven, and Telesend so that they're in constant contact. So:
Ally (Seven individual, non-interchangeable people of equal points; Constantly; Special Abilities, Can be played as PCs*, +50%) [210]
Mindlink (Seven Allies) [10]
Telesend (Racial†, -20%) [24]
* In effect, this Special Abilities enhancement lets you do what you like with the Allies, and is comparable to Minion, +50% in terms of waiving your obligations.

† "Racial" being used here as recommended for Duplication.

This is probably workable on 300 points, if the individuals are otherwise fairly ordinary people with job skills, etc. Give each c. -50 points in disads and quirks, and you'll have 106 points to buy modest attributes, advantages, and skills for each.
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