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Default Re: List of Car Wars Articles in Pyramid

Originally Posted by Parody
This is a list of Car Wars articles available from Pyramid Online, most of which are free even if you don't have a subscription. Items are listed in reverse chronological order in their sections. Articles specifically for GURPS Autoduel are not included.

New Items

Uncle Albert's 2050 Catalog Supplement - Stickyfoam, Catalytic Spikes, Pyrophoric Oil, and others. Not free. I've asked for it to be changed.
As so much time has passed since they were published , is it possible for someone with the information to just post it on here ?

These items and rules WERE posted on a UK site around 2001 . Unfortunately the webmaster for that site has since died , so the information is now inaccessible . I did have printed copies , but can no longer find them

Not sure what the legal issues would be now , but after 7 years I'd hope they'd be a bit flexible .
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