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Default Re: Is a 5th Edition coming soon?

I'll be quite happy to stick with 4e for a good long while. I'm relatively new to GURPS, and I absolutely love to see all of those 3e supplements taking up two or three heavy shelves full at my local many choices!

I'm nearly a guaranteed sale for any print GURPS book (I'm a computer geek, but not a PDF fan at all), so I hope to have a groaning shelf at home with 4e books in a decade!

As for errata, I am always very pleased at how small the errata really is! I mean, one page or so per book with only a few items per page. I won't name names, but I've seen errata downloads that looked large enough to be supplements! GURPS is remarkably low in errata count. I think that speaks volumes (no pun) about the quality of work SJGames produces.

Sadly, what Kromm says regarding the "PnP" RPG market seems to be true, at least from my anecdotal perspective. With collectible card games on one side and console games on the other, the PnP RPG demographic is being marketed to in such a way that there may be relatively little future development for those of us who enjoy this hobby. In that event, the generic, modular and flexible game systems (like GURPS) will be the few survivors in actual play, whether they're actively being produced or not.

Happy to be onboard the GURPS 4e bandwagon for some time...

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