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A businessman sent his two daughter away to boarding school, with a guard. The ship
never showed, presumed lost. Just when he was getting ready to leave to search an
x-boat communique arrived with a strangely worded request for tuition for his two
daughters. Obviously a ransom demand by pirates, the team is enlisted to go to the drop
point on another world, and escort the father to pay the ransom and protect him (as
he's worth a nice sum himself). Obviously if they could capture the kidnappers...however
the safety of the man and his two daughters is paramount, the rest would be gravy.


A security guard in the Swords surprised a group of thieves stealing a cargo of
expensive champagne from a storage facility at the Gram starport. His only description
was of a ghastly looking fellow, dressed in a black starship jumper, tall, scraggly
hair and an eyepatch; accompanied by three hooded men and -- get this -- a glowing,
ghostly figure of a man who looked like something out of an old Solomani horror
flick...hmmm...The guard is old and did take a nasty knock on his head...

However four jumps away, a startling report makes the headlines of the JTAS news service,
that a musuem was robbed and the security cams show some sort of glowing spectre moving
about the place...what's happening ?

Anyway, thanks to your technologist a list of ships present in both ports at the time
of each caper nets two matches: one the PEABODY of Frontier Freight and the ABBADON,
owned by a front company of a Lanth corporation.


Several hundred square miles of pristine forest has disappeared off 728-907 in the
Vilis subsector. UNIFIED PRODUCTS is certain an off-world group of resource plunderers
is making the planet their own all-profit operation. Trouble is UNIFIED doesn't have
the resources to guard the planet. They'd like the players to either catch them in
the act. So overflights are possible, spotting the loggerheads in action or...the
technologist of the group gathers market prices on resources on most of the nearby
worlds. Several have recently depressed lumber markets, possibly indicating a glut of
timber. Of course there are two other worlds who have timber prices in the neighborhood
of those pre-depressed worlds...



After completing a mission on a nearby world, the team gets permission from Harmony
Frost to make a lateral jump and enjoy some R&R, while the team's Detached Duty Scout
visits a friend on a nearby world. When they get dirtside, the starport readout shows
the friend's ship, a Beowulf, to be on a trip rimward. However, just for something
to do they take an air/raft to look over the friend's home. They quickly find out the
posting at the starport was an error, and the man and the crew are indeed here...and
armed to the teeth. After a tense scramble which finds the PCs surrounded by men with
weapons the scout's old buddy appears, SMG in his hand. Some terse interaction follows
before the man reveals a set of dark circumstances...
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