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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

A back-and-forth with another player's designated enemy. (He looks like the hunter from Jumanji) The gunpoint exchange went something like this.

The Italian Stalion: Where is he?
Raymond: Who are you?
TIS: ...I'm not one to give my name.
Ray: I can't let you kill my friend.
TIS: Who are you?
Ray: ...There are some who call me ...Tim? (Group laughter)
Gm: Are you serious?
Me: ...well yeah, I am now.
TIS: I'm here to kill him.
Ray: And I can't let that happen.
TIS: Step aside or die.
Ray: I'm not one to die.
TIS: Nor am I.
Ray: -I pause thinking of anything to say-....S....Something..witty. -eyeballs the GM-
Gm: Are you serious? You're saying that out loud?
Me: Yes.

I was Raymonding it up in the best 'badass' my voice could muster,
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