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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

There has been a few in some of the games I have been in that I still have.

You're here for a rescue mission? - Will
We got distracted - Andy
What were you here originally for? - Will
To rent a video tape - Andy
(will missed the previous game and was IC finding out what happened)

(While entering a abandoned Industrial park)
She probably knows she's in trouble right now - Jake
She's twelve, she probably thinks it's cool - Mia
(Follows the others in) Kewl - Andy

Aw c'mon, it was a cheap shot - Andy
You don't understand how fighting works, do you? - Mia

I hired you because you're honest. - Morgan
Yeah. That gets me in trouble all the time. - Jake

If he comes in and tries to gun everyone down, we know we shouldn't hire him. - Jake
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