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Originally Posted by sir_pudding
Sorry, I thought I remember a similar situation in which you suggested the poster go back to the original retailer first. Perhaps that was a situation where the entire product (like a book) would have to be replaced anyway.
Oh, no harm done! And there are situations that would have gotten that response: If the book was damaged (perhaps the retailer dropped it?), out of print, or if the customer wanted a refund, they definitely need to go to the original retailer.

If they bought it from us, but it was manufactured by someone else, we generally recommend they contact the manufacturer (for the same reasons we like people to contact us!)

If they are international, shipping times can cause a lot of pain on their end.

Or if time is of the essence (I need it this weekend!).

But most of the time, we like to fix our own mistakes. Lets us track them better, saves the retailer a little hassle, and prevents a whole game from being used instead of just one card.
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