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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

I might have told this one before. What the hey; it's a good one.

In a SF game set in a Cynosure-like setting, I played a Lupin-esque master thief. My wacky brother Steeve played Raven, a biker whose motorcycle transformed into power armor and his friend Joe played his sidekick, an anthropomorphic android dog named "Hellhound"

Our group was infiltrating an office building and had finally reached the top floor, where the McGuffin awaited. The GM told us that we saw two doors. I picked one and the GM said, "You see white tile... it's the Ladies' Room."

Annoyed, I said "Fine. Then I check the other door."

This puzzled Joe. "Why is he bothering with the other door? It's bound to be just the Men's Room."

"Because He Feels the Need," Steeve explained in his best Gary Owen voice. "It's a biological thing, Hellhound; you wouldn't understand."

Raven and Hellhound quickly became known in that campaign as Blue Falcon and Dynomutt.
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