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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

One of the most ominous quotes that have come up in our group was the infamous "Here, I won't be needing this." It's become the last words of I think three characters now when all their worst disadvantages proc in the worst possible combination in a bad situation, and the player prepares to go down in flames.


It comes from an ill-fated Teenaged Supers campaign, where everyone independently showed up with demonic-related origins, except John, who was a rather normal mutant...

One character "Sue" was an "inter-dimensional refugee" with a sort of crocodile theme going. She normally was a scaly, four armed, fanged, tailed, regenerating monster, but she could transform into a plain looking teen girl. She had the motivations of a crocodile, and utterly failed at blending into human society, so one member of the super team or another was always assigned as a 'babysitter' to make sure she didn't accidentally blow everyones secret ID. It had been impressed very FIRMLY on her that the secret identities are VERY IMPORTANT and she was NOT to give them away UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

One day "Sue" and John are in line in the cafeteria for lunch when another student sidles up and stage whispers to John "I know what you really are..." and then scoots off out of the cafeteria.

"Sue" gives John her lunch money, saying "Here, I won't be needing this," and follows the kid out of the caf. John, foolishly, did NOT follow her, because he was hungry and wanted lunch. He was also very very confused as to why he suddenly got "Sue"'s lunch money.

So was his player and the other players; the GM, however, knows the long list of mental disadvantages on "Sue"s character sheet (many of which he suggested as required for the character concept) and watched her player blow a string of rolls.

"Sue" follows the kid onto the bus as he travels home for lunch, and follows him all the way to his house, where she promptly kills and eats him in his back yard.

Long story short, the players held an impromptu meeting, where character sheets were compared, and realized that everyone except John had severe personality and supernatural problems.

The campaign was deliberately aborted by the players.
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