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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Jake: And to think I was gonna make umteen amount of money as a scientist
Me (GM): Yeah now you'll just die in a hole. Lets get to dying shall we?

This was at the start of the campaign.

Also, this is important information I'd love to share. Dont give your NPCs 30 HP if you dont want them to die a tremendously slow and painful death while the guy with the broomstick figures out he'll never have enough damaging potential to do more than 1 point of damage.

Me: "When was the last time either of you played one of my campaigns where anyone survived?!"

Nate: We need food!
Jake: No we dont.
Nate: And there might be stuff for my burns! And there's knives!
Jake: In a f***ing lunch room?
Nate: I dunno, but these guns suck.
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