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Default Re: [Supers] GURPS Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe, Reboot Edition

Originally Posted by tbrock1031
Power Modifiers
Magical (-10%): The character's abilities are dependent on the world's ambient mana to operate. The bulk of the world is a low-mana region, while certain areas of the world (British Isles, the Nexus of All Realities in Florida, Great Pyramids in Egypt) are normal- to high-mana areas. Modern technology cannot detect these energies, so there are no technological countermeasures. However, the ambient energies can be blocked through supernatural means (-5%), and the abilities can be negated through certain Anti-Magic abilities (-5%).
It's probably worth mentioning that this is just a variant of the Super modifier where magical knowledge replaces scientific knowledge. It's not GURPS Magic nor is it mana based.

Mutant (-10%): The character is a mutant whose abilities can be
Mutant Biology (-0%): The character is a mutant, and can be
Mutant Psionic (-10%): The character is a mutant and can be
Psionic (-10%): The character's abilities are psionic in nature, usually
Super (-10%): This is a catch-all power modifier for those powers
I wouldn't define this this way. It's a crock for Mutant and Super to both be -10% yet have Mutant be much worse.

You should either make Supers -5% or Mutant -15%. Super may not justify the super-tech countermeasures since no universal countermeasures seem to exist in the Marvel universe. Likewise, universal inhibitor collars and even inhibitor spikes that work on basically all mutants do exist.

Psionic should either be a subset of Super/Mutant unless additional anti-stuff that works against them. Usually anyone that is a Super or Mutant psi suffers the limitations attached to the group but doesn't have any additional ones.

Mutant Biology should be worth the same as Mutant since most mutations (Warren's Wings, Beast's agility) are negated with anti-mutant countermeasures. Even if you're 'just' scanned, tracked, and hunted like it mutant I would offer -5%.

Power Cosmic (+50%): These abilities stem from cosmic sources, such as those granted by Galactus, Eon, or the Cosmic Cube.
I wouldn't bother... Many abilities don't need Cosmic and others just benefit from it. The cosmic entities are just very very powerful - they don't negate the heroes abilities.
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