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Default Re: How to protect paint jobs on miniatures??

Originally Posted by Firestorm
It is during the painting phase that I notice that the paint sometimes rubs off the corners, edges, and other protruding surfaces that I may hold as I am painting other parts of the miniature. Maybe I did not wait long enough after applying one color before applying a different color?
The problem is you shouldn't touch the miniature while you're painting it. As soon as it's dry to the touch it's fine to paint over it. But Acrylic doesn't fully harden for a couple days, you shouldn't touch it during this time. Find some way of holding it so that you don't touch it. With most miniatures, you hold on to the base somehow. With miniatures that don't have a base, what I usually do is drill a tiny hole, and put a pin or rod in it, and hold it by that. I have some dowels with a .032" rod stuck in the end, and I use the appropriate wire gauge drill bit to drill a hole in the mini and lightly glue it in.

Originally Posted by Firestorm
I just need to apply the Dullcote... after finishing the infantry...
Consider also getting a cheaper varnish to add "bulk" to the protection. Dullcote will kill the shine on even a thick coat of inferior varnish. And like I said, some people think dullcote doesn't protect very well, and will spray something else first. I don't have enough mileage on my minis to know one way or the other on that.
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