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Default Re: How to protect paint jobs on miniatures??

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my inquiry.

So far, I have followed each of the steps you mentioned except for spraying with Dullcote. I cleaned the miniatures parts, washed them, assembled the miniatures. I then applied Games Workshop White Primer and waited for days or weeks before painting them. It is during the painting phase that I notice that the paint sometimes rubs off the corners, edges, and other protruding surfaces that I may hold as I am painting other parts of the miniature. Maybe I did not wait long enough after applying one color before applying a different color?

I actually have not tried to actually use the miniatures in game play yet because I had read that I needed to spray with Dullcote or something similar. I have been finishing painting all of each army's units and plan to spray Testor's Dullcote when I can spray an entire batch at one time. Up to this point, I have been hesitant to finish this step with only one or two miniatures at a time.

Also, I have found that as I have gone along, my painting technique and skill have improved. As a result, I have been going back and applying some highlights that I had not previously done.

All this being said, our two sons and I are looking forward to the time when I have enough units for both sides so we can try some Ogre and GEV scenarios. Our oldest son likes Ogre and GEV almost as much as I do and is pretty good at it. The two of us like war games, strategy games, and computer games more than my wife and our youngest son do.

Our sons like the paint schemes on the Ogres and the other units I have done so far and are anxious to try them out in battle. Our oldest son especially wants to battle an Ogre Mk VI vs. a Doppelsoldner as well as try a version of the "Destroy the Command Post" where a Mk VI is attacking.

Thanks again for your input. I am glad that I have done all the proper steps so far. I just need to apply the Dullcote... after finishing the infantry...

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