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Originally Posted by transmetahuman
I've thought about baking up a modifier for Neutralize (Power Theft, Doesn't Neutralize - or just "Copy") for copiers like Marvel's Mimic or Super-Adaptoid. It might seem wonky to use Neutralize for it, but Power Theft is the closest analogue in the rules. Not sure what the value should be, either - an argument could even be made that it's a limitation (compared to Power Theft - you don't deprive a foe of the ability), but I doubt many GMs would agree with that.
Definitely not a limitation. In fact, I'd price it as more expensive.

Why? Because then there's no reason whatsoever for Mr. Copycat not to wantonly combine the best powers from all of his teammates, who won't resist -- why should they?

As written now, Power Theft is clearly an attack that no one would want to get hit by -- removing that downside to it allows for a situation where a super built on 900 points plus this ability can zap his 1000-point friend (all of whose abilities are part of a single power) and become a 1900 point character for absolutely no downside.

This needs to be built with Morph or MAs, not Neutralize -- there's a reason it "feels wrong" to take Neutralize (Limitation, Doesn't Neutralize).
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