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Default Re: Player Paranoia and Character Surprise: How to GM

If you want to employ a ruse, you need to make sure that there is a sense of "normalicy" in social situations. Thus, you should use social settings extensively even outside of such ruses. Make sure that the PCs frequently try to get information, gain allies, request favors or similar things that require them to go to pubs, high society functions, and so forth. Actual combat at such situations should be rare - but make sure to ask the PCs what they will take with them at these situations, implying that carrying weapons or armor will be a terrible faux pas if discovered.

But if the PCs wish to conceal such items when going to such a setting, only give the NPCs a chance to spot them instead of making it automatic. The skill of the PCs should count for something, and sometimes such paranoia does pay off.
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