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Default Re: Player Paranoia and Character Surprise: How to GM

It's a cool list, but I disagree about the unarmed combat skills. With most skills, 1 point buys you +4 to your skill. With action hero PCs, that' usually a jump from a default 6-8 to a semi-respectable 10-12. That's a good investment; you'll certainly do better if you spend one point each on Diplomacy, First Aid, Stealth, and Streetwise, than if you just increase your main skill by one level.

But with hitting and grabbing, you get that 1-point level for free, since you can use DX at no penalty. And I'm not convinced it's a better idea to spend 4 points on Wrestling to get that +1 than to spend the points on whatever skill you're focusing on and get an equal +1.
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