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Default Re: Player Paranoia and Character Surprise: How to GM

Originally Posted by Ogo
"Die Hard" comes to mind; can you imagine as a GM, announcing "ok there's broken glass everywhere. Wait, did I mention you don't have shoes on?"
I think it's important to note that the broken glass does not really make Bruce's job harder. I don't see it giving modifiers of any kind, and I'm not even sure whether Bruce's character suffers damage (in the RPG-sense). Rather, the broken glas let's him demonstrate how bad-ass and tough he is. Look, he crawls through broken glass, bloodies his feet, grimaces with pain - but when push comes to shove, he isn't really inconvienced! Cool!

In movies, many details are just there to make the inevitable victory of the hero more heroic. If you want a similiar effect in RPGs, you need to scale up the description (The pain! The blood!), and scale down the game-mechanical effect (You lose 1 HP. Roll vs First Aid. You get back 1 HP.).

Unless, of course, you're running a very realistic and gritty game. In this case, by all means check whether Bruce's wounds get infected! :)
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