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Default Re: Player Paranoia and Character Surprise: How to GM

Originally Posted by Kromm
In GURPS, I hint that certain skills are necessary for adventurers, true action heroes or not, to keep the story flowing without annoying breaks caused by PCs being incompetent at tasks that adventure fiction commonly treats as "everyman" skills:

[list snipped]

I further suggest -- strongly -- that action heroes have this list as well:

[second list snipped]

A PC with Brawling, Fast-Talk, Forced Entry, Holdout, Knife, Scrounging, Stealth, and Wrestling should be able to make and conceal a shiv, overpower a guard, steal his clothes, sneak away from the scene, talk his way past the other guards, and leave through an inadequately bolted back door.
Kromm, you just made my night. This is exactly the sort of cheat sheet I've been looking for!
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