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Originally Posted by tjoneslo
If you ever get the "power converter" component working properly, post a copy of the component output here on the forum so I can add it to the GVB base repository.
Actually, the basic version is so easy I won't bother with any output, since I don't know which output you mean: just duplicate, for instance, the "TL8 power cell", and call up the edit template window. Rename it "TL8 power converter cell" and copy the energy-out formula to the power-in formula. You're done. Don't forget to save the repository...

Use of this item assumes that the power converter cell collects all the energy in can contain in one second of power input from the power plant. I'm still working on the other versions - these will be needed because power requirements become prohibitive for big lasers like space combat lasers if all the energy needs to be generated within one second.

(I-1) The very basic version
If you have a weapon in a turret or other weapons-carrying subassembly, put the power converter cell into the turret along with the weapon and edit the KWs and Cells parameters until the energy output matches the energy needed by the laser. In the subassembly overview, you now have a balanced energy budget and a power requirement - which is as it should be.

(I-2) The less basic version
Do as described above, but instead of entering the KWs and Cells parameters manually, leave their default numbers and instead create a link node between the laser's energy input and the converter's energy output. (power converter->rating = 1xlaser->TotalEnergyIn). Now, if you do anything that changes the laser's energy requirements, the power requirement for the turret will change accordingly.

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