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Default Re: More GVB questions

Ah, the light dawns, the problem being (for example) the Total Power Use + Total Energy Used should match the Total Power produced + Total Energy Produced on the Edit Body (or other subassembly) dialog.

Unfortuantely, from the persective of GVB, power and energy are two completely different things in the way that cost and weight are different.

The only way to do this is to build a power converter component, in the manner you suggested, by copying the powercell component and making sure there is both a power in and energy out.

There is no requirement in GVB that the energy and power requirements match, which is probably why no one else has complained of this.

If you ever get the "power converter" component working properly, post a copy of the component output here on the forumn so I can add it to the GVB base repository.
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