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Default Re: More GVB questions

I never mentioned the term "link" - not in any of my posts. Apart from that, I didn't want to make a quantitative link from the power source to the power-using item.

To make it all very clear: I have a small spaceship with two turrets. I want to add a "TL8 laser" from the beam weapons repository to every turret, and I'd like the lasers to be powered by the ship's main power plant.
The problem: after I add the lasers, "Energy in" shows up in their display, but they don't draw on any power *at all*.

As an example, if my power plant has 10 MW and my lasers have an energy output of 200KJ each and an RoF of 2, making for a total power requirement of 800 KJ/s = 800 KW, the power plant should be able to supply the power for the lasers. But that isn't what happens. Instead, I get a energy need I haven't supplied and a power output I don't need.

Further analyzing this problem, I see that the calculation above makes the assumption that a laser shot from a laser with RoF 2 takes 0.5 seconds, which is, IIRC, the correct interpretation of what I read in GURPS Vehicles, that a laser shot is a continuous beam unless stated otherwise.

To avoid using assumptions like this, for instance, in order to create a pulse laser, I could use energy banks, which I understand is the default way to power lasers in GURPS Vehicles. But apart from the fact that I don't always want to do this, the result is an incorrect power balance, since the energy banks must be recharged, and they don't have a power-in parameter.

All this means that, whatever I do, the power balance is wrong, and maybe the energy balance, too. For this small spaceship, it's not a big problem. I can do the calculations myself and be done with it. But with Star Wars-Type spaceships I'd need an extra spreadsheet for the power and energy calculations, and I always assumed GVB existed to take care of these things for me...

Maybe the best way to handle this is to duplicate the power cell template and edit the new template to be rechargeable in one second (Power In = Energy Out / 1 s). After I have added the power cells to power the lasers, I'll have a meaningful power balance again. This is an around-the-corner simulation of a weapon powered by the power plant, but it does the job, and maybe it's even technically somewhat realistic.

Ticking the "rechargeable" checkbox should add a power need to power cells and suchlike, as a fraction of the energy output, to show the maximum recharge rate, maybe TL-dependent. This should also be editable up to the energy output.

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