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Default Re: More GVB questions

I, the Vehicle Guru will answer your questions:

1) Correct, Vehicle (and GVB) assume armor has no volume, as an abstraction to ease construction. Vehicle Expansions 2 (and GVB) has an option to make armor take volume if you really can't stand the abstraction.

2) Payload weight includes things like weight of crew and passengers, ammunition, fuel, and cargo.

3) The basic performance formulas use vehicle total weight. Some people wanted the option of removing some of the payload (like half of the fuel, or the all of the ammunition). By increasing the "payload" parameter of the performance profile, you are decreasing the total weight of the vehicle, thus improving performance. The idea is you can link the payload item (like the ammunition or fuel) directly to the performance profile so it updates properly.

4) You should be able to create the links. If you can explan more about what you are trying to do, I can write you an example of how to do it.
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