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Default Re: GURPS Forum Abbreviations: help the newbies?

Originally Posted by Molokh
Has anyone thought of making a listing of abbreviations that are frequently used at this forum, and asking the mods to make it a sticky? I mean both the GURPS-specific ones, and those that are frequently found in many RPG discussions? E.g. I Don't Have My Books With Me, Altered Time Rate etc...
IDHMBWM is used on nongaming boards and email groups too, but it's pretty intimidating if you haven't seen it before. I think it's a good idea. RAW drove me crazy for a while - in the context I first kept seeing it, it sounded like a specific book or FAQ or something ("That isn't in the RAW", "According to the RAW..."). So even non-newbies get thrown sometimes. Maybe we could put links to commonly-ressurrected thread topics, too. I think many would be grateful.

How about starting a list here? If it starts looking useful, we can worry about stickiness later.
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