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Default Re: Mortal Wounds at high HT

Originally Posted by NineDaysDead

I would find this more convincing if Kromm had noticed the falsehood in your argument
That statement was irrelevant to my ruling. My ruling was one that I had given dozens of times before, and which should be a FAQ. The designers' intent was that 17 = failure = mortal wound, 18 = critical failure = dead. We thought it would be self-evident that on a success roll, which this is, and outside of a Contest, which this isn't, a critical failure would give the worst-case result. Here, that's clearly being dead. Unfortunately, I guess that was neither self-evident nor clear. But that's how the rule is supposed to work. No amount of HT buys you immunity to instant death by going to -HP and rolling an 18. To avoid that, get Luck.
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