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Default Re: Mortal Wounds at high HT

Asked and answered.
My PM to Kromm
Originally Posted by cccwebs
A question has come up relating to the required HT rolls to stay alive at -HP (the multiples) for a character with an effective HT score of 16 (or greater). Under Mortal Wounds (Campaigns p423) it indicates that if you fail the HT roll by 1 or 2 then you do not die but are Mortally Wounded. So, the question is if a character with an effective HT score of 16+ rolls an 18, does this fall under the "1 or 2" margin or would this be considered a critical failure which would result in death (since a Critical Failure should always result in something bad happening)? If we can ignore Critical Failures here, then a character with an effective HT score of 18+ would never suffer from the HT checks (to stay alive) at -HP, effectively gaining a part of the Unkillable advantage.
His response
Originally Posted by Kromm
For those with HT 16+, a 17 is an ordinary failure and a mortal wound. An 18 is a critical failure and means death.
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