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Default Re: [4E] Thoughts on this Psychic Vampirism power?

That should work fine, except that you'll also need to add Malediction. The concept behind Leech is that you are limited by (A) having to make contact with a person and hold onto them tightly or (B) having to win a Quick Contest against them. Since you have given your ability range (via AE instead of Ranged, which I think is certainly fair), you'll need to also add Malediction.

That will create an ability which steals from everyone around him simultaneously, at a penalty to the roll equal to the number of subjects minus 1 (e.g., if there are four people around, the Malediction Leech roll would be his Will-3 versus their Wills.) Add Independent, +70%, if you want to avoid this penalty.

Or, just skip Area Effect and go with Ranged if you want it to leech from the nearest person instead of everyone nearby.

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