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Default Re: Can you play Super Munchkin/Half Breed with no class/race

Originally Posted by BIGsheep
As it seems with most people I'll start this thread with "I was playing Munchkin at the weekend and an arguement/discussion started...", this time it was over the use of the dual race/class cards:

Can you play the Super Munchkin/Half Breed cards when you don't have a class/race?
No. The basic rules sheet is quite explicit on this issue; the cards have their own subsection under When To Play Cards on the back of the rules sheet.

You must have one race card in play to play Half-Breed, as the second race is assumed to be Human, which does not require a second race card. You must have one class card in play to play the Super Munchkin card, but you must also play a second class card with that Super Munchkin card, as there are no no-card classes.

(Unlike my contribution to the monstrous footgear discussion, this actually is an official answer. It's not made official due to any authority I have, though; it's just not an ambiguous issue.)
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