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Default Re: Submit Errata for e23 In Nomine products

In the Tether Tolls section on p. 18 of Lilith, I think that the directions are backward.

"The typical going rate is 1 Essence to descend from Earth to the Guildhall . . ."

Either it should be ". . . to descend to Earth from the Guildhall . . ." or else ". . . to ascend from Earth . . .".

Or I could be wrong and the Lilim use angel slang for the direction of their Tethers, but I'd think that it would be noted as in-character speech if so. I doubt this is the case, since later the box refers to ascending from Earth.

(Either way, using a Tether of Freedom costs 1 point of Essence plus suitable gifts for the folks at either end.)
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