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I forgot about that one. Perhaps start with that as the base (build supers by cards), but throw in a track board a la Talisman. For the Euro-theme, as painted wooden blocks, tile-placement, and victory points. Perhaps the board is made from geo-morphic tiles, placed by the players as the game progresses. Board squares represent physical locations of the players's teams, adventures, and strategic places. The wood blocks represent spheres of influence captured on the board squares.
Players conflict using their card powers against each other for control of squares, or vs. the programmed events at the board squares (e.g. land on Go, and fight a battle to collect $200)

Scoring is by trading in wood blocks at the end of each turn. Victory decided by final score at turn x.

Sounds like a mega-board game to me in the SJG vein.

Alternatively----UBER-Munchkin. Munchkin with the added thrill of a Monopoly type track board, with a Talisman-type adventure board in the center. Players 'level-up' in the Monopoly track to clear easy dungeons, claim real-estate, and develop the property (luxury hotels, castles, fiefs), reaping special resources (a la Euro-style colored wood blocks) used to purchase items and powers from special decks not available in the main Munchkin deck. <Charge your fellow munchkins rent, or have your slavish minions build super munchkin items>
Throw in cardboard heroes to traverse the deck, and enter the Talisman-style central board to defeat the randomally drawn evil badie and win the game!

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Well, there already is Strange Synergy.
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Me crystal ball is envisioning a Euro-style, GURPS Powers-inspired superheros or Infinite Worlds board game which includes lots of cardboard miniatures and some playing card mechanisms. The new Talisman.
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