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As Vic gets the camp ready and Gathika & Telrith do “their (respective) thing”, Bain takes his time to determine with Navigation, to estimate the length of their trip to town considering the party and the group of people that “joined”.

With the camp set up (natural fire), and if they decide to stay with the party, Bain invites the villagers to sit at the campfire. Bain (who has +5 to reaction, will combine this with) sharing some food and good tales, has the intention of reaching an understanding between the two groups. Relying on his soldier skill, he tells (makes a brief report) of the things the party has seen since and been through since their arrival to Starhold Keep. He is making a point about the importance of having the villagers stick to the party, combining it with Vic’s carousing.

Tonight, we dine in Hell’s Throat. Here's to all of us now, and to the future!

You know, we have been trough a lot of things since we came here; sometimes I find myself thinking it is hard to believe it’s been a couple of weeks, right Vic?

Then he tells the people he has to go for a moment, leaving them with Vic. In fact, Bain goes to make watch, as he often does.
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