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Default Re: How to avoid Retreating Dodge Spam

Retreat has nothing at all to do with Move. The two concepts are completely unrelated. The intended means of controlling infinite retreats on the part of one fighter is the presence of obstacles. But constant back-and-forth as both fighters step and retreat is also intended – people who don't like it can make use of Deceptive Attack, Feint, grappling, you name it.

Yes, it's a common house rule to say that retreat costs a movement point, but that isn't part of the rules. Retreat amounts to "Each turn, you may focus on one attacker to get a defensive bonus against that foe." The step back doesn't even matter in basic combat without a map! At least, not unless the GM decides to make it matter. On a map, it's a full hex of movement only due to the fact that's the quantum of movement in GURPS . . . it may literally be nothing more than giving an inch, but it's more "interesting" if it has a visual. The fact that this creates other artifacts in the movement system is accepted and ignored, and has been since Man to Man in 1985.
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