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Default Driving Miss Piggy

If you were three hard-bitten 'Night Riders' (Monster Hunters) with a varied special operations, law enforcement and intelligence background, and you were forced to go on the run from an apocalyptic magic-using cult, with a McGuffin* with you, where would you go?

You'd be driving a 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood and while you have residency, Texas License To Carry firearms, Green Cards and all the right paperwork for employees of a US security company, at least two of your number are not US citizens (one Polish, one Guyanese). I haven't assigned the third 'Night Rider' and he might well be a native US citizen, but in that case, the odds are he'd be Texan or at least from somewhere within a short flight or moderate drive from Houston.

Let's assume no special connections to any part of the US outside the Greater Houston area in Texas, the place you are leaving. By which I mean, they could have visited any number of places, but we can't count on any of the three having lived anywhere else within the continental US.

You'll be travelling with concealed carry handguns** and tactical kits in the trunk, but if any cultists catch up with you, your plan is to call in assistance as soon as you become aware of surveillance and have your allies set up an ambush. The situation will determine whether those allies are federal law enforcement or if you'll prefer to call in a covert team of vigilante 'Night Riders'.

In any case, you're supposed to keep moving and make it hard to find you, even if somebody is using divination magic to narrow down your location. That being said, you also want to be able to spot anyone suspicious around you, so maybe avoid any place where the crowds are so thick that nobody and nothing stands out. Also, you know, you've got a pig in a wig. You'll try to keep 'her' out of sight in the car, but that's a lot easier on a country road than in a crowded city.

Let's start with a plan that has you on the road for 14-20 days, ending up in Las Vegas in time for the SHOT Show in 2019.

*A 115 lbs. young sow with a wig, wearing female clothes and a diaper, as well as imbued with the magical aura of a sorceress the cult greatly desires.
**Your LTC cards are respected in 36 US states, among them the vast majority of those within reasonable driving distance.
Za uspiekh nashevo beznadiozhnovo diela!

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