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Default Re: [Supers] Malice - A low-powered supers setting

Here's a character sheet for the first one of the Big Seven I have statted up. She's a 1000-pointer.


Real Name: Eliška Procházka
Secret Identity: Yes
Costume: Chrome-colored bodysuit with two diagonal black stripes across the chest. Black facemask, ponytail, black boots and black-tinted titanium gauntlets.
Age: 26
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140 lb
Sex: Female
Race: White
Hair: Elbow-length blonde
Eyes: Blue
Powers: Superspeed

Before her powers manifested in the first few weeks after the Flyby, Czech athlete Eliška Procházka was a professional runner who dreamed of competing in the Olympics but was just not quite good enough. By either astounding coincidence or some unknown attribute of the meteor, she ended up with incredibly powerful superspeed. She still can’t compete in the Olympics, but she’s set records no one else can come close to matching. She’s currently planning what would be her greatest achievement yet: Running across the circumference of the Earth on foot in under an hour.

Attributes: ST 10 [0], DX 18 [100], IQ 12 [40], HT 13 [30]

Secondary Attributes: Dam 1d-2/1d, BL 20 lb, HP 10 [0], Will 12 [0], Per 15 [15], FP 15 [6], Basic Speed 10.00 [0], Basic Move 16 [0]

Languages: Czech (Native) [0], English (Broken) [2], German (Broken) [2], Polish (Broken) [2]

Advantages: Absolute Direction [5], Altered Time Rate 2 (Required Disdvantage (Increased Consumption), -10%, Super, -10%) [160], Attractive [4], Basic Move +6 (Super, -10%) [27], Basic Speed +2.25 (Super, -10%) [41], DX+3 (Super, -10%) [54], Crushing Attack 15d (Double Knockback, +20%, Melee Attack (C,1), -20%, No Blunt Trauma, -20%, No Wounding, -50%, Super, -10%) [15], Damage Reduction (20) (Limited (Collisions), -60%, Super, -10%) [60], Enhanced Dodge (Super, -10%) [27], Enhanced Move 8 (Ground) (Second-Nature, +150%, Super, -10%) [384], Enhanced Time Sense (Super, -10%) [41], Fit [5], Immunity to Acceleration (Super, -10%) [5], Regeneration (Slow) (Super, -10%) [9], Walk on Liquid (Only while moving, -10%, Super, -10%) [12]

Perks: Masked [1], Supersuit [1]

Disadvantages: Charitable (12) [-15], Chummy [-5], Claustrophobia (15) [-7], Curious (15) [-2], Dependent (Girlfriend, Built on 10% or less, 9 or less, Loved one) [-26], Honesty (15) [-5], Impulsiveness (12) [-10], Increased Consumption x2 [-10], Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) [-10], Secret Identity [-5]

Quirks: Bisexual [-1], Confident [-1], Fast Talker [-1], Hates using translators [-1], Procrastinates and works in short bursts [-1]

Skills: Acrobatics-18 [4], Acting-12 [2], Area Knowledge (Czech Republic)-12 [1], Area Knowledge (Europe)-12 [1], Area Knowledge (Prague)-13 [2], Astronomy/TL8 (Observational)-11 [1], Breath Control-13 [4], Computer Operation/TL8-12 [1], Current Affairs/TL8 (Regional)-13 [2], Current Affairs/TL8 (Supers)-12 [1], First Aid/TL8-12 [1], Games (Olympic Running)-12 [1], Judo-18 [4], Navigation/TL8 (Land)-15 [2], Parry Missile Weapons-18 [4], Public Speaking-12 [2], Running-16 [12], Swimming-13 [1]

Techniques: Bullet Parry (Parry Missile Weapons)-18 [6]

After feedback, I’m going to start adding a power summary. That’s going to be especially important for the higher-powered supers.

Altered Time Rate, Enhanced Move, Immunity to Acceleration, Walk on Liquid: Blink can function for all purposes as though she has Basic Move 4096 and can take 3 actions per turn. Using ATR and EM in conjunction, she can run at just under Mach 33, or just over 25,000 mph. This is roughly equivalent to Earth's escape velocity, but that’s just ignored most of the time for genre convention. She can ignore all negative effects due to acceleration. I gave her the -10% version of Only while moving for Walk on Liquid since with Second-Nature on her EM, her effective step is 409. Giving her the -20% or -30% version would be a total point crock. I’m not sure exactly what speed I’d rule she needs to move at to do it, though.

Basic Speed, Enhanced Dodge, Enhanced Time Sense: These are all pretty self-explanatory examples of super-reflexes.

Crushing Attack: This represents her ability to punch or kick at high speeds. She can deal 15dx2 knockback. I feel like this is a within-genre ability. Strong attacks that do far more knockback than injury are pretty common in supers fiction. Note that this does not have No Signature. I personally would rule the signature to be sonic booms created by her hands or feet.

Damage Reduction: This can represent several things, superb training, an increased ability to absorb kinetic impacts, or just a genre convention that fast people don't get hurt by hitting things. Since she has complete control over her acceleration, she can deal any amount of damage (she technically has a cap, but she'll die long before she reaches it) with a slam, and takes 1/20 the amount she deals.

Regeneration: Also self-explanatory. Accelerated metabolism. Note that her metabolism isn't exactly super-charged. Quite a few other supers have Regeneration (Slow) and/or Increased Consumption.

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