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One Trick Pony: Charlene Hyatt* is a shy, average-looking 19-year-old who has the ability to transform into a pony-sized (SM+1?) unicorn. The horn of said unicorn (either a Striker or Natural Weapon, depending on what rules you use) has a curious property - any non-virgin human who touches it is shredded as sudden blades made of their own blood erupt from their arteries and veins (treat as a high-damage Cutting Follow-Up; it should be a Blood Agent, but that’s incompatible with Follow-Up). The unicorn form has enhanced “battle instincts,” in the form of Combat Reflexes and a sizable racial bonus to Brawling. Aside from her transformation ability, the only notable qualities of Charlene to separate her from other college students are decent Brawling (which carries over when she goes unicorn) and Judo skills, primarily for self-defense. She’s also terrified losing her virginity would cause her to either lose access to the unicorn form or, worse, make it so the horn’s special ability would kill her if she did transform (treat as a Vow of Celibacy with an associated Pact Limitation on her horn and its follow-up).

OTP is classified as a dangerous vigilante. She generally goes after suspected sexual offenders, and takes the fact her power works on them as evidence they are guilty (on the bright side, at least one innocent man was exonerated after taking a horn to the gut, but he’s still paying off his medical debt). She probably operates in the same general area as Iron Maidenhead, Mr Johnson, and Trouser Snake.

*Best horse-themed name I could think of without it being obvious. She’s frequently called “Char” by family and close friends, and saying “Char Hyatt” quickly sort of sounds like “chariot.”
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