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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

The rules say the first 60 degrees is free, each 60 degree beyond that is 1 AP, so a 180 degree turn in 1 second would normally cost 2 AP.

I forgot about that part. I can't remember if Cole wrote that in the "1 or 2" amended rules but I was basically thinking "x AP buys y MP" and just going by the Movement Point costs (1 per 60 degrees) of the turning and ignoring separate pricing for them.

That said... slowing down doesn't cost Movement Points, but does cost Action Points, so maybe my approach is flawed?

I guess in that case you are right to charge 2 AP for a deceleration + turn. Despite 180 degree turn using 3 MP, the "first 60 is free" type approach probably does make it an effective puchase of 2 MP for less than 50% so merely 1 AP for it.

The only time I can think to perhaps resort to using them is when using maneuvers that don't use Movement Points and use standard step maneuvers.

Of course... in my ideal world we always use MP and the 'step' maneuvers limit you to 40%.

Your moving 2 yards further toward it means it is a mere 2 yards beyond where you chose to stop. This also moves you from 3 to 5 yards away from me.

NOW you're down to 6 AP...

Maintaining my 3 yards/second "sprint" using another free move maneuver, I narrow the gap from 5 yards to 2 yards.

Your turn again!
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