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Default GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 20: Slayers

A funny joke: A
Lich, a demon and a mage
Walked into my sword.
— The End
A puzzle faced by GMs since the dawn of hack 'n' slash games is how to match monsters to adventurers. You can have the heroes start out fighting one-eyed kobolds and slowly work their way up to undead dragon archmages, but that's boringly predictable – and many gamers find it downright artificial. It's easy to keep fodder relevant by using hordes or giving them a competent leader, but it's a bit harder to use major bosses early in the delvers' career.

Well, unless the adventuring party includes specialists in defeating such bosses.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 20: Slayers provides three new professions that are exactly that: the demon-slayer, who hunts Hell's spawn; the mage-slayer, who collects bounties on troublesome spellcasters; and the undead-slayer, who turns the walking dead into the just plain dead. Each has a variety of special abilities optimized for tracking down and defeating their preferred prey. With them on the squad, even a relatively green group of adventurers stands a fighting chance against serious supernatural foes.

Even delvers who don't belong to these professions will appreciate the chapter on gear for slaying demons, magic-users, and undead. This highlights what existing hardware is valuable for those tasks, and offers a number of entirely new items, both mundane and extraordinary. After all, who doesn't want a holy hand grenade?

Of course, another way to use seriously powerful enemies in a less-than-epic-scale game is to give them exploitable flaws. Slayers has you covered there, too: It includes advice on adding fitting disadvantages to supernatural baddies, rules for ferreting out secret (or legendary) means of defeating specific villains, and game mechanics for demonic amulets (which can be exploited to make short work of any demon less than HIM).

NOTE: The mage-slayer and undead-slayer are only loosely inspired by "The Mage-Hunter" (Pyramid #3/109) and "The Undead-Hunter" (Pyramid #3/122). Both have been significantly rethought for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy and given a substantial boost in special abilities.

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